Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fixed: Debugger Unable to Attach to Working Process in Visual Studio 2010 for SharePoint

After years of working on SharePoint you think I would have learned certain things by now such as, don't rename a solution and deploy it to a SharePoint farm as the same solution with the original name. Nooooo.

In case you're wondering what happened after accomplishing such a brilliant feat my debugger was not able to attach to the infamous w3sp.exe worker process. Instead I received the following error:
"Unable to start debugging on the web server. The debugger is not properly installed..."
After defaulting to blaming SharePoint (as most us are guilty of) I then did the obvious and searched online for a possible solution. Coming up empty handed I noticed that I had two solutions in the farm that were from the same code base but with different names (hand slaps forehead). Removing both solutions manually and re-deploying the renamed solution fixed the problem.